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Occultius (TM)

The Greatest Occult Store in the World (TM)


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Occultius is the simply The Greatest Occult Store in the World since we were founded by The Greatest Occult Figure in History that being The Great Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni aka Rex Luciferius. Over 100 Occult books were written by the Great Occult Master Sollog and his famous Prophecy Music and Occult Art as well as Collectible Occult Items and Rare Occult Books he has collected over the decades are the backbone of the fine Occult Items you will find in our World Famous Occult Store.

We publish the top Occult Authors in history from the works of Nostradamus and Aleister Crowley to ancient treasures from Iamblicus and Ben Shakur.

Since 1995 Sollog has amazed his fans around the World with his World Famous Sollog Prophecies.

The Prophecies of Sollog are distributed as songs now through the Band Rex Luciferius or the Occult name of Sollog. It means THE KING and LORD OF LIGHT.

Dr. Sol Adoni is the academic name of Sollog and he is simply the Greatest Genius to ever walk the earth who has many honorary doctorates for his work in mathematics, physics, astrophysics, ancient languages and ancient history.

The Great Genius figure prophecized by the Great Nostradamus is Dr. Sol Adoni and Dr. Adoni was born exactly where Nostradamus prophecized from a BRANCH LONG BARREN. That was Long Branch New Jersey next to the Pine Barrens!

We are now opening Occultius Shops in major cities around the world. These futuristic shops will have smart TV’s showing the Books, Music and Films as well as Crystals and other Occult Collectibles our store offers. They will be coffee houses where those that are interested in the Occult or HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE congregate to learn the secret wisdom Occult Societies have preserved for millennia’s.

We have RARE ancient Occult Works that we published through our Occultius Publishing House.

Rare Original Occult Works by Nostradamus, Crowley, Cheiro, Rex Luciferius and Sollog.

We publish many Occult Books and we have a Rare Occult Book Division.

Occultius Productions has produced numerous Occult Films and Occult Videos.

We also produce Occult Music and the Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius.

We carry famous works of Occult Art by major figures in the world of the Occult.

We have special Crystals for those that wish to have the best Crystals in the world.

We also have an Occult Collectibles Division.

We also have the top Psychics in the world for Psychic Readings and Parties.

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Occultius the source for hidden knowledge…


The Greatest Occult Store in the World

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